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The Grand Magisterium

The Order of the Saints Contard and Julian, the Hospitaller (OSSCJ) is governed by the Grand Master, assisted by the Great Offices and the Magisterial Council. The Great offices is composed by:


S.A.S. Antonino V d’ Este Orioles

The Grand Master

Duke Antonino V d’Este Orioles is the Supreme Chief of the Order of the Saints Contard and Julian the Hospitaller. A graduate in economics, he works as a chartered accountant, auditor and manager for Italian private and public companies. He took over the Grand Magisterium in August 2010 for Dynastic succession. He governs and administers the Order, assisted by the Grand Magisterium and Council. The office of the Grand Master coincides with that of Head of the Serenissima Ducale Casa d’Este Orioles, so is held for life. The provisions of the Grand Master are final and without appeal and He alone may revoke them.

Conte Massimiliano Pulvano Guelfi

The Grand Chancellor

By the will of the Grand Master, Conte Pulvano Guelfi, Marchese di San Contardo e Santa Venerina, of ancient and noble Tuscan family, was appointed  by Magistral Decree n. 1/2013 as  Grand Chancellor. Entrepreneur in various commodity sectors and internationally renowned musicologist.
The Grand Chancellor directs and regulates the activities of the Grand Chancellery and its Secretariat, countersigns the Grand Magisterium Deeds, handles the diplomatic relations of the Order and looks after and defends their public image and interests.


Baronessa Loredana dell’Anno

The Treasurer

Of an ancient and noble family, the Baronessa Loredana dell’Anno, Contessa di Sant’Andrea has been for over 15 years an auxiliary officer of the Armed Forces, serving as a Voluntary Nurse in the Italian Red Cross. She was called to fill the delicate role of Treasurer of the Order, as well as being responsible for its charitable and humanitarian activities. She is awarded the rank and dignity of the Lady of the Grand Cross. The Treasurer administers the finances of the Order, supervises and handles accounts, controls and approves the balance sheet.

Mons. Luigi Domenico Casolini di Sersale

Magisterial Chaplain

As the Ordine dei Santi Contardo e Giuliano L’ Ospitaliere is a Roman Catholic Dynastic Order of Knighthood, according to tradition the Magisterial Chaplain is always a member of the Roman Catholic clergy; currently the Magisterial Chaplain is the Very Reverend Monsignor Luigi Domenico Casolini, Marchese di Sersale of the Diocese of Tivoli-Rome where Villa D’ Este is also located. Monsignor Luigi Casolini is the Rettore Presidente of the Roman Catholic “Associazione dei Cavalieri di San Silvestro Papa” which includes all the Roman Catholics awarded the title of Knight of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Sylvester Pope and Martyr (Ordine di San Silvestro Papa).

The Grand Magisterium (OSSCJ): Team Members

The Magisterial Council


S.A.S. Antonino V d’ Este Orioles


  • Knight Gr. Cr. Co. Conte Massimiliano Pulvano Guelfi, Marchese di San Contardo e Santa Venerina – Grand Chancellor.

  • Dame Gr. Cr. Baronessa Loredana dell’Anno, Contessa di Sant’Andrea, Treasurer

  • Knight Gr. Uff. Barone Francesco Bitonti, Ceremonial of the Serenissima Ducale Casa d’Este Orioles and Grand Ceremonial of the Order of the Saints of Contard and Julian the Hospitaller.

  • Knight Gr.Cr. Conte Prof. Alberto Federico Testa de' Longis, Public relations Officer.

The Grand Magisterium (OSSCJ): About My Project
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