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The Statute of the Order of the Saints Contard and Julian, the Hospitaller

The Order of the Saints Contard and Julian, the Hospitaller (OSSCJ) is bestowed to members of the Italian and European nobility (Knights or Dames of “Justice”) and to those in recognition of service to Italy or in recognition to significant achievements in social, academic and philanthropic activities (Knights or Dames of “Merit”).

The OSSCJ has six grades of knighthood. These are opened to both men and women. Admission into the Knight or Dame of “Justice” category is restricted to those whose can all prove 200 years of noble descent. No proofs of nobility are required for admission into the category of “Merit”. There are no fees in respect of the appointment to the honour of Knight or Dame of the Order of Saints Contard and Julian, the Hospitaller. Membership of the Order is by invitation only and following approval by the Postulants’ Admission Officer; it is then submitted to the Grand Magisterium in Rome for further consideration. Approved postulants’ nominations are then submitted to S.A.S. Antonino V d’ Este Orioles, the Grand Master. for a final decision (Motu Proprio).

If successful, the appointment is made by Decree signed by S.A.S. Antonino V d’ Este Orioles and confirmed by the Grand Chancellor of the Order. Decrees are signed in duplicate copies, one of which remains in the Chancellery of the Head of the House d’ Este Orioles, and the other of which is conveyed to the Knights’ Council of the Order. Individuals who become Knights or Dames are presented with Diplomas confirming their appointments, signed personally by S.A.S. Antonino V d’ Este Orioles, while the Grand Chancellor affixes on the Decree the seal of the House d’ Este Orioles.

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While laity may be promoted to any rank, the ranks of the clergy are usually as follows: Cardinals are generally Knights Grand Cross; Bishops are Commanders , and Priests and Deacons start with the rank of Knight but may be promoted to Commander. 

The charitable, educational, scientific, cultural, literary, and other activities of the House d’ Este Orioles are supported by donations freely given by Knights and Dames and by other contributions, all in strict accordance with current laws and ALWAYS paid directly to the charities supported by SAS Antonino V d’ Este Orioles.

Previous to the Ceremony- generally held in Italy at Villa d’Este (Tivoli) -  the House d’ Este Orioles requires that the newly admitted Knights and Dames -before their investiture-pay a one off donation directly to a charity which the House d’ Este Orioles supports.

In the United Kingdom, the Order of the Saints of Contard and Julian, the Hospitaller supports only charities listed by the Charity Commission for England and Wales; the Charity Commission for Nothern Ireland and the Scottish Charity Regulator.

The Statute of the Order of the Saints Contard and Julian, the Hospitaller (in Italian)

The Statute of the OSSCJ: Intro
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